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In January 2018 in Ukraine, Columbus company (TM Mayak Pack) has launched a new production facility for manufacture of expanded polystyrene packaging. The plant is equipped with up-to- date machinery and has the monthly production capacity from 30 000 000 to 40 000 000 items.

Expanded polystyrene (also XPS) is a specifically manufactured plastic foam containing air bubbles.

Expanded polystyrene trays are widely used as packaging for food and non-food products. Trays of expanded polystyrene are in high demand mostly by supermarket chains, enterprises of the poultry and meat processing industry, as well as fast food businesses (plates, trays, containers).

Expanded polystyrene packaging is divided into 3 types – trays (for automatic and manual packing) and moisture absorbent trays for automatic packing.

Today the Ukrainian polymer packaging market offers the innovative product allowing to make the packaging of expanded polystyrene which absorbs water. Currently, this package is widely used in the EU, USA, and Canada. Today, Ukrainian poultry and meat manufacturers are using a standard tray with an absorbing pad. However, this is an outdated type of packaging. Its modern replacement is the absorbent tray.

The water absorbent tray has the following undoubted advantages:
– water absorption up to 600% of own weight;
– product aesthetics (no juice leaks out or remains on the walls of the packaging)
– meat or poultry juice drains out from the product preventing various bacteria from proliferating, thus allowing to extend the product shelf life; in the context of industrial production, as the water absorbent tray is immediately ready for use, the resources are released which are otherwise needed for putting the absorbent pad into the tray.

Our Company operates based on the following essential criteria:
– high customer service culture;
– high product quality;
– mutually beneficial relations with our suppliers and customers.